Sobersistas Sacred Circle

Are you struggling to stay sober?

Do you feel disconnected from your life and know you are using alcohol to try and find that elusive connection?

Does your drinking make you feel alone and frightened of telling anyone your concerns?

Have you lost count of the number of ‘Day Ones’ you’ve had?

Are you struggling to visualise what a sober life would be like? Do you think it will be boring?

Do you feel like you are making progress and then, from nowhere, you get cravings and you’re back to square one?

Have you been sober for a while but are struggling to see the benefits of sobriety? Do you think you might as well drink because your life hasn’t changed that much?

Do you feel isolated and know that if you are going to finally let go of alcohol, you are going to need some daily support?

Do you love your Sobersistas group but instinctively know you need a more personal, detailed and focussed level of support?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions then I have created Sobersistas Sacred Circle just for you!

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Here are all the amazing benefits you will get from your monthly membership:

  • The privacy of a Closed Facebook Group
  • Numbers initially limited to 150
  • Monthly Topic and Workbook – For example January’s topic will be Understanding Why You Drink
  • Daily Prompts each day of the week to stimulate discussion and give you the support you need
  • A private webpage packed full of helpful worksheets and content available 24X7

Tempted? Well that’s not all! Also included:

  • Monthly, in-depth blog articles written on the topic of the month exclusively for you
  • Live video to launch the topic of the month
  • Weekly live videos to break down the monthly topic in more depth and detail
  • Bi-weekly interviews with your fellow Sobersistas
  • Monthly interviews with inspirational women who can present a new skill or offer just for you
  • Monthly one to one mentoring sessions – 5 participants per month to be chosen

Read the kind words from your fellow Sobersistas about the Sacred Circle: Kind Words

PLUS!!! I will be there every day to answer your specific queries in depth, to support you every step of the way and to offer the experience and knowledge I have gained about being a sober woman over the last two years.

  • You will enter a sacred space where you are safe to express your fears and receive all of the in-depth support and information you need to succeed at sobriety and life.
  • You will be 100% supported on your journey.
  • You will be loved, accepted and cared for every step of the way to your amazing new sober life.
  • You will discover exactly what you need to do to stay sober for the rest of your life, knowing that in doing so you are setting yourself free.
  • You will have 24×7 access to the group and to the most amazing women who will lift you up when you need it.
  • You will have access to all of the information you need to be fully informed about alcohol and how it affects you.
  • You will understand why you drink, why you want to stop and work towards creating a future you that you will be proud of.
  • You will be confident in your sobriety, confident in your choices and confident in who you are.

Read the kind words from your fellow Sobersistas about the Sacred Circle: Kind Words


>>Instant access to a private, closed Facebook group

>>Live launch of Monthly Topic

>>Regular weekly videos

>>Topic focussed weekly worksheets

>>Maximum 150 members to ensure connection and 121 support

>>You can cancel anytime

>>Membership Cost: £25 per month

I will do whatever I can to help you become free of alcohol once and for all. I know that this group is amazing because I will be doing what I love the most – using my lived experience, skills and knowledge talking to you, supporting you and showing you how you can live a new life, free of alcohol.

Read the kind words from your fellow Sobersistas about the Sacred Circle: Kind Words

I am so looking forward to supporting you on this amazing journey.

Click here to join. 

With love, Jules xx

New memberships will be accepted from 1st May 2019.