Kind Words for Sobersistas Sacred Circle

MW  “This is an amazing group with so much to offer. There is constant support from the other ladies as well as Jules. It really feels like being a part of something positive. I can not recommend this group highly enough and for what you get, it’s an absolute bargain.”


CA  “The genuine love and support there is so great….and I am still pretty much lurking!!! Just to watch the live videos that are that much more personal and intimate are really helping…and the workbook has been put together with love and attention…..a very, very small investment in the most precious commodity….YOU!!!!!!…. xxxx


TM  “Best decision I have made in the New Year. You won’t regret it..I promise ladies!”?


TD  “The daily support not from just Jules but the other members is absolutely priceless. For the first time in quite a few years I feel I have a chance to make sobriety work. X”


IH  “I have been in this group for several months and it’s been a fantastic help. I’m a month sober and I feel great and I’ve cracked the triggers and the cravings all due to Jules Rutherford it’s been so great to have the live chats to watch during my trigger time which is dinner time as I normally would have several glasses of wine whilst cooking. The worksheets have been great to really helpful. Also, Jules is great she has always replied to my pm messages with loving care. Well done with this group It’s fab. I shall come off this group and let another lady join. Keep going on this sober journey with hope and let your sober joy shine… 
Lots of love to you all x


JC  “Hey ladies. Hope you are all well. I’m posting just to let you know I’ve decided my time has come to say goodbye to the Sacred Circle. I’ve felt this way for a few weeks now and spoke to Jules yesterday. I feel it’s time to spread my wings and fly. I’m so confident in my sobriety and the way I’ve grown these past 10 months sometimes I have to pinch myself. I want to thank each and every one of you for being such a massive part of my journey. And Jules, you truly are 1 in a million and I’ll never ever forget everything you’ve done for me ❤ I first joined Sobersistas in April 2018. I was drinking a litre of vodka daily, I was terrified, I was killing myself yet I still couldn’t stop. I was a broken woman. I lurked in the group I didn’t post often – still don’t if truth be told. But just being part of a group of likeminded women brought me immeasurable comfort and still does. I’ve never looked back never had an urge or craving or thought I’m missing out. I’ve got my life back and a whole lot more. Courage to walk away from a marriage that was dead long ago. Drinking me thought I couldn’t be alone so I just put up with it and all the abuse that came with it. I now live alone and love it. To anyone struggling be brave the drink makes you feel weak drink lies to you. Just bloody stop pouring poison down your neck. It’s not your friend, it’s not a reward, it’s a life wrecker. Ladies I love you all. Jules thank you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤”


MF “Jules! I couldn’t have done this without you and my Sobersistas. ??. I realized that I have had anxiety since childhood, which ended up as an eating disorder then drinking to suppress my fears. Your live video on irritability was spot on! It’s okay to get angry! I am now learning to face my fears in constructive ways rather than burying them in beer. I feel confident that I can move on with my life in a much more peaceful and happy way. I will stay with the closed group, so am not disappearing. Lots of love to you all!!”


CKC “It’s time for me to leave the Sacred Circle and let someone else have the hugely valuable space. I’ll, of course, remain with the other group and hopefully I can pass on support and inspiration to others. The group is an amazing group of sisters supporting one another with you taking us all under your wings. I’ll still keep in touch if that’s OK. Much love and thanks.”


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