Drink? The new science of alcohol & your health

As the most harmful drug in the UK, alcohol has a profound and wide-reaching impact on our health and on society at large. Drink? is the first book of its kind, written by a scientist and rooted in 40 years of medical research and hands-on experience treating patients. Professor David Nutt cuts through the noise to explain its long- and short-term effects, making complex science digestible and taking readers through the journey of alcohol inside the body
and brain from the very first sip.

Drink? holds the key to all the questions you want (and need) to know the answers to, covering mental health, sleep, hormones, fertility and addiction.

He will illuminate our minds on what ‘responsible drinking’ truly means and equip us with the knowledge we need to make rational, informed decisions about our consumption now and in the future.

This book attempts to do this in a language every drinker can understand and sheds light on how such a simple molecule can induce so much pleasure and pain at the same time.