Alcohol – Top 10 Cravings Busters

Alcohol – Top 10 Cravings Busters: Proven strategies to stop cravings. Be free of the wish to drink and quick to turn those feelings off if they strike.: Volume 4 (Living alcohol free)

The fourth book in Catherine Masons Thomas’s “Living Alcohol Free” series. Hello there. Welcome to Craving Busters. Nice to have you with us. This book will solve your problem – how to not drink and be free of the want to drink. This book is written to inspire you if you want to control alcohol or be alcohol free for an evening, a day, a month or forever. This book will help you solve the problem and overcome the fear of cravings. This book is aimed at everyone who wants to drink less and have a better life. Nowadays, that is a lot of us. You don’t have to sign up to Alcoholics Anonymous or go into rehab to want to cut down or stop drinking temporarily or permanently. You just want a rest or to dial down the significance that alcohol has in your life. This book will help you do this. There is also a free book download of “Alcohol Free Drinks” recipes from sparkling celebration drinks to milkshakes and hot toddies. You can just tough it out, and you may be tough enough but why do that when you can learn from others who have been there already and thereby make it much, much easier? If you are fearful about what happens when you want a drink and can’t have one, I have ten strategies for you. These are proven, real life wins from the legions of success stories before your own. It’s like going on a journey to a new place having done little research on climate and therefore no idea what to wear for the weather. Would you travel to the jungle without mosquito repellant? Is that strategy going to keep you free of bites? Of course not, so why not start out on your journey to stop or limit alcohol with your Cravings repellant? What will this book teach you? The ten best strategies for switching off cravings so you don’t need to tough it out.