90 Day Challenge!

Are you ready to try sobriety for 90 days, but not sure if you want to make it a permanent fixture in your life?

Are you struggling to stay sober?

Do you know why you drink?

Do you feel disconnected from your life and know you are using alcohol to try and find that elusive connection?

Have you lost count of the number of ‘Day Ones’ you’ve had?

Are you struggling to visualise what a sober life would be like? Do you think it will be boring? Do you think you will be boring?

Do you feel like you are making progress and then, from nowhere, you get cravings and you’re back to square one?

Have you been sober for a while but are struggling to see the benefits of sobriety? Do you think you might as well drink because your life hasn’t changed that much?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions then I have created the Sobersistas 90 Day Challenge just for you.

This journaling e-course will give you all of the answers you need to ensure you reach the end of 90 days sober.

You will understand why you drink, learn how to deal with your triggers and cravings, your feelings and emotions and more.

I know we all have the answers inside us that we need to live a better life but sometimes we need a little prompting with the right questions to help those answers reveal themselves.

You will learn the beauty of self-care and how to love yourself. 

So many women achieve 3 months of sobriety and then go back to drinking because they didn’t take advantage of the void left by the absence of alcohol in their day to day lives. This e-course will give you the tools to identify your goals and make a plan for a future life on your own terms. 

My 90 day course has been designed to elicit the answers you need that will help you to release alcohol from your life for good. It will deal with the whole of you – your mind, body and spirit – and will help you find your authentic self and learn to love her.

Module 1 – The truth about why you drink

Module 2 – Letting Go of the Past

Module 3 – Triggers and Cravings

Module 4 – Journaling for Sobriety

Module 5 – Feelings and Emotions

Module 6 – Other People

Module 7 – Self Care

Module 8 – Your Social Life

Module 9 – Dream Discovery

Module 10 – Transforming Possibilities

Module 11 – Reflection

Module 12 – The Best of You

What you will receive:

  • Sobersistas uniquely designed weekly journal containing specific prompts you need, to reveal the answers you to create your new, amazing, sober life.
  • A weekly task, delivered by email, which will arrive in between your journals. Each task is designed to get you taking action on the work you are doing and help embed useful tools and habits into your new sober life.
  • PLUS!!! you will have access to me via email for the duration of the course for any questions you have or support you need.

This e-course will launch on 24th March so now is the time to get your early bird discount by registering today. Buy now and you will receive your first email on Sunday 24th March. 

Cost: £295 Early Bird Discount  Currency Converter

With love, Jules xx