The best way to deal with difficult situations

Having run Sobersistas Closed Group for nearly 3 years I have noticed a common trend that I think is the underlying reason that there are so many beautiful women in the group.

So many Sobersistas have never been given the appropriate tools to deal with difficult situations. Things such as stress at work, difficult partners, unloving parents etc etc have left many of us (including me) without the normal life skills we need.

To be able to say no at work without guilt, to be able to sit our partner down and tell them calmly that what they did/said is unacceptable or being able to find a place of peace with people who need to be in our lives that have caused us pain – these are normal skills that we should all have learned from loving parents who didn’t have any issues of their own.

Using alcohol to drown out and numb our difficult emotions and feelings has become a societal norm. Alcohol is so accepted that for a very long time we used it thinking it was fine. Till it wasn’t.

If you are in difficult circumstances and your drinking plays a big part in how you deal with it I know that the best way to improve these circumstances is by focussing on letting go of alcohol first.

Once I gave up and got past the detox it felt like all the answers I needed just came to me and I felt as though my spirit had become untethered and free.

Loving myself enough to put appropriate boundaries in place has been one of the best things that has come out of my sobriety.

It’s possible for you too.

Being in Sobersistas is a great start but the best thing you can do for yourself is to place all of your beautiful energy into releasing this toxic poison from your life and getting ready to live the best part of your life.

Being sober has allowed me to be sure in myself and what I need. If you would like some support on this journey I have a small, intimate subscription group with a group of wonderful women who are going deeper and learning how to love themselves.  You can read more about the group here – Sobersistas Sacred Circle.

Loving yourself is easier than you think.

Much love, Jules xxx

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