Dry January is over!!! What’s next???

If you decided to commit to Dry January, and succeeded, I imagine you’re feeling pretty amazing right now. Despite a shaky start while you went through the detox, you’ve probably gotten to the end of the month feeling mentally and physically much better.

There have been lots of discussions about the best quit lit books and also about identifying the best alcohol free alternatives.

Obviously, if you’re in Sobersistas Closed Group, you will know that one of the best elements of doing Dry January in this way is having access to some of the most loving, supportive, compassionate and non-judgemental women who are always there for you. They are always encouraging and always ready to offer kind advice about how to tackle whatever situation you have been dealing with to help you succeed.

Even if you didn’t do 31 alcohol free days in the month and had a few Day Ones, you will have realised that you are not alone and don’t need to feel ashamed or guilty because you had a drink.

As the has month progressed I could see you begin to see just how amazing it could be to be alcohol free in the long term. With your energy levels increased, your anxiety reduced and your sleep improving I can imagine, as we launch into February, that you might be a little nervous about what’s next.

Here’s a post from one Sobersista who has just had a successful month:

“30 days- WOW- I have tried doing Dry January, SoberOctober, SayNoNovember (made that one up myself).. but I would always have beer or some other cocktail at least once if not twice during that time! But never the red wine cause that is what I was stopping *eyeroll*.. but I did it- I made 30 days in a row- here is to another 3000 days in a row!!

It’s wonderful to read posts where a Sobersista has that moment of clarity and realises just how wonderful it feels to be sober.  Here’s another post from a Sobersista who has realised that the sober life is now her future:

“Dry January done!! But this is a life choice now to live sober! Just want to say Thank you to all of you for your support ?

But it’s this post that particularly caught my eye:

“So I’ve done dry Jan. Feeling hugely better. Now in a quandary what to do next ?. Moderation – tried before, am I grown up enough ? None – what about socialising? Extend the challenge – think about now and not forever? Any suggestions ??? Xxx”

What Next?


This is often a big moment for a woman. Having worked through, and successfully survived, the highs and lows of giving up, learning new strategies to deal with triggers and cravings, trying out alcohol free alternatives and reading every book going it’s clear that this is a huge moment to celebrate.

However, it’s become clear to me that ‘what next’ is February’s big challenge. When you realise just how fabulous life can be you obviously want to hold on to this amazing feeling of clarity, energy and calmer emotions. ‘What next’, pushes you to have to make what will likely be a pretty significant lifestyle change.

Are You Ready?


When you give up alcohol for good there are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you truly understand why you drink and have you come to terms with that?
  • Have you gotten to grips with your triggers and cravings and understand how to deal with them in the future?
  • Do you have the skills you will need to deal with the inevitable and sometimes weird reactions of other people?
  • Are you clear about how you will manage your social life?
  • Have you learned how to positively deal with the feelings and emotions that always accompany significant change?
  • Have you accepted that, in order to remain sober, you need to learn self care strategies that teach you how to love yourself?
  • Are you aware that most women who reach the 4-6 month sober mark go back to drinking because they never set any long term goals outside of sobriety?
  • Do you have enough tools to insure yourself against wobbles?
  • Did you know that staying sober means that you can be your most authentic, most happy and most fulfilled self?

Perhaps you hadn’t realised that staying sober could be so complex? Perhaps your desire to stay sober is at a 10 but your toolkit to stay that way only rates a 3?

There’s a euphoric, pink bubble moment when you realise just how amazing a sober life can be but hanging on to that feeling can be challenging. But, it can be done. This is how I live.

My Life


Whilst my life is not perfect, there isn’t one day where I am not truly grateful for the amazing night’s sleep I always have, the energy that fills every day and my clarity of mind that ensures I make good decisions every day. However, it’s taken a year and lot of hard work to get myself to this point.

Your Life


It doesn’t have to be that way for you though. Everything I have learned I can share with you. I know how to help you successfully deal with everything that you’re about to experience. I’ve been there and learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

Ahead of you lies a wonderful life, a life that you can live on your own terms where you are productive, happy, peaceful and are clear about what the future holds because you are in control.

You may be able to achieve this on your own or with the support of the wonderful women in Sobersistas Closed Group. However, if you feel you would benefit from some additional support just let me know.

Whatever you choose and however you choose to move forward I wish you all the love and luck in the world. This sober life is amazing  – but I think you already know that, don’t you?

See you soon.

With love, Jules xx

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